BERNHARD LEADERSHIP help leaders develop active and thriving teams that will reach full potential and perform at top level.

We want everyone to feel good at work, being able to contribute to the result of their team aswell as their company. We want people to feel included and part of an inspiring, safe and creative environment. To reach success, as a person, company or organization, you first have to understand what drives people and causes human behavior.

Whether you want to succeed as a leader, in your communication or build successful teams, you need to invest in your ability to create, develop and keep good relationships. Through mental training, Brainbuilding, and an increased awareness of the body, you develop your skills to be successful in all your relationships, and your ability to focus.That’s where your authentic leadership begins.

BERNHARD LEADERSHIP develop individuals and groups in leadership, communication and team building, through public speaking, training programs and coaching.

In our training programs, the learning process is optimized by involving the whole of our bodies, and activating both left and right part of the brain. This means that our participants is invited to step out of the comfort zone and learn through movement of the body. We also believe strongly in learning in a safe environment through positive experiences, and emphazise what works. Through taking full responsability for your own learning process, you develop your personal leadership, get increased group dynamics and improved communication skills.

“Inspiring and professional trainer, who shines with energy and inspires self-confidence, and truly believes in her teachings. That is an important skill to have as a trainer. Sofia has put a lot of effort into acquire knowledge in the leadership area, and also in nearby topics, such as how our brain function. I have never met anyone who intergrated so much into the topic of leadership, great!”(Military leaders, Swedish Armed Forces, in leadership training program)